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     This special food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. sauce factory is located in the beautiful scenery and the custom of "city national economic center China Shanghai" said the Shanghai City, under the 3 sauce food factory is located in the state-level development zone in Kunshan Development Zone, Taicang Development Zone, Huaian Development Zone, close to high-speed, the traffic is very convenient. The company is a professional OEM custom condiment R & D company which is dedicated to providing the Chinese compound soy sauce food and catering enterprises with the flavoring concept and the food ingredients.

Companies rely on high-tech production technology, professional technical personnel, according to the market demand to pursue the extreme flavor. The production and operation of various natural extraction condiments, compound seasoning, compound soy sauce, fried chicken wrapped powder, spices and other hundred varieties.

As a customized standard OEM customization production enterprise for OEM, the specialty, standardization and secrecy of special food are high. The production workshop in full accordance with the national food safety standard design, can visit the rate of more than 70% of the production workshop on, adhere to high standards and a high starting point, strict requirements of the principle, in accordance with 6S management, the construction of "operation standardization, product quality, scientific management, diversified cooperation" domestic sauce OEM production base;

In the field of catering, today's special food has provided more than 40 chain brands with standardized matching production of all kinds of compound sauces, sauces and sauces, minimizing the cost of catering industry.

In 2017, the company established by Jiangsu development strategies for the focus of the market, the establishment of Shanghai R & D Center Sales - this special food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in charge of Jiangsu food chain system of composite material, pickled sauce, fried chicken powder and composite powder sales business group, catering to custom development as the core material preserved processing food processing, OEM, OEM services!